Lawless Craft Jerky: Grass-Fed Beef, All Natural Pork, Braver Flavors – Lawless Jerky
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Craft Jerky

100% Grass Fed 
World-Inspired Flavors

For the inspired snacker, who values quality ingredients, convenience and innovation, Lawless Jerky is a true craft brand that combines traditional techniques and modern creativity. Starting with 100% grass-fed beef, our jerky is handcrafted without artificial additives or preservatives, generating more interesting and more intense flavors with a soft texture and no sugary coatings. Unlike gas station jerky and gimmicky upstarts, Lawless Jerky defies convention with our process, our people and our product.

Tear in to a Braver Flavor



Grass-Fed Meat is Healthier

Unlike conventional/grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is higher in heart healthy omega-3s and antioxidants and lower in cholesterol and saturated fat. Our beef is sourced from New Zealand where hormones are not used and antibiotics are seldom used.

Grass-Fed Meat is More Humane

New Zealand grass-fed cattle graze naturally in open, GMO-free pastures. They live healthier, less stressful lives than conventionally raised cows, which are forced into cramped and unsanitary living conditions.

Grass-Fed Meat is More Sustainable

When cows mow the lawn, neither chemicals nor fuels are needed to keep the grass growing. Grain and soy production—used to feed conventionally raised cattle—create water and air pollution and require use of fossil fuels for waste removal and transport.

Grass-Fed Meat is Delicious

A natural diet of fresh grass and exercise means leaner, more natural meat. The way nature intended! Beef jerky from 100% grass-fed cattle has real, not rubbery, texture and no unappealing gristle.