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National Jerky Day Donations

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Every year, the jerky community celebrates National Jerky Day on June 12th with discounts, giveaways and events -- this year, we wanted to do more. Lawless Jerky teamed up with three charities in cities across America; Boulder, NYC and Phoenix and made a massive donation of jerky to folks in need. We are excited to share with you our experiences while volunteering and donating! 

 EFAA; Boulder, CO

“By helping people meet their basic needs, we empower them to establish financial stability and self-sufficiency."

Matt Tolnick, Founder and CEO, and Dan Kaplan, Creative Director, of Lawless Jerky sorted through a massive donation of food and non-food items from the University of Colorado, Boulder. The Emergency Family Assistance Association houses a storage room, which Matt and Dan spent hours reorganizing, leaving behind much more jerky (800 bags) than when they started.
After many years in the food industry, neither Matt nor Dan had come across some of the items they discovered at EFAA: 
1) a Korean item that looked like it could be Jerky.  The only English on that packaging said "kiss burn" which made it an automatic top 3.
2) Broken Spear, Native American federated tribe made asparagus from Washington.  No best by date or date of production.
3) Canned Bread -- like the spam of bread.  And one volunteer who we showed it to actually said it was quite good and told us about how he prepared it.
“If you want to get something done, give it to a pair of entrepreneurs!” -- Matt Tolnick
SVDP; Phoenix, AZ 
“Every day the menu of hope changes, and the ingredients to create a well-fed population change.”
Jenna Cook joined the volunteer team at SVPD to prepare lunch for over 700 people and make a donation of over 1500 bags of Lawless Jerky. We set up a large table, covered in jerky and allowed those who joined SVPD for lunch to grab a few bags each. Tuesdays are often Saint Vincent’s busiest day, and this was no exception. Hundreds of hungry Phoenix residents filled the dining room and enjoyed lunch between 11 am and 1 pm. 
While Jenna did not get to find any interesting items stashed in SVPD’s donation bins, she did get to experience feeding those who are hungry. Every person who walked through that door was kind, appreciative and respectful and she felt truly accomplished at days end.
City Harvest; New York, NY

“From day one, City Harvest’s focus has been feeding hungry New Yorkers, neighbors helping neighbors."

More than 2500 bags of jerky were donated to City Harvest which will be delivered to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs across New York. 

We could not have team members on hand at City Harvest because of the nature of their donation facilities, however, received the above picture of City Harvest team member organizing Lawless’ donation in the warehouse. 

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