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National Jerky Day the Lawless Way

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Here at Lawless, National Jerky Day is a pretty big deal; it is a day to celebrate the craft of jerky and all those who enjoy it! This year, we decided to do things a bit differently and host a volunteering and donation event to benefit those in need in three cities across the country.

Volunteering is a central part of the Lawless Jerky story -- here is a message from our founder:

Being thankful for what I have and realizing the blessings of being healthy and food-secure was instilled in me from a young age.  I watched as my mom would do MANNA volunteering for HIV/AIDS patients in the Philadelphia area.  Every year on Halloween, a portion of my candy haul was confiscated for donations to local area children's hospitals for kids who weren't healthy enough to Trick or Treat.  And throughout high school, I spent thousands of hours  volunteering twice a week in the nerve wracked environs of our local hospital's ICU, where I would be a proverbial shoulder to lean on for families waiting tirelessly for news on the status of their loved ones. 
How We Help:
So it's no surprise that Lawless Jerky has made giving back an important part of its DNA.  Every year, we donate jerky to area food banks and donate our time to help those in need.  Just last month, we made a small donation and volunteered in Phoenix alongside the Duke Alumni Network and Phoenix Suns' organization. 
At that donation, I saw the types of food that were donated and served to the shelter's patrons, and it was clear that there was a lack of clean, unprocessed foods, particularly those rich in quality protein.  
On this National Jerky Day, we wanted to do the most ambitious donation/volunteer event yet!  Covering three cities where our business is very active, we will be doing volunteer work and donating product to three great non-profits who work every day to provide for the homeless, needy, and marginalized folks in their locales.
How to get involved: 
Whether volunteering your time along side us, buying jerky on our website (which will garner bag-for-bag donations by our company), or even just sharing our effort with your network (who might be willing/able to get involved), everyone can help make an impact this National Jerky Day!
The Best Time to Support Lawless: 
Lawless Jerky is in a moment of re-birth; we have recently launched our brand new jerky, with the most consistently tender chew we have ever produced, along with completely unique packaging, meant to extend the longevity of your favorite Braver Flavor. If you have wanted to try our jerky and have not ordered yet, now is the perfect time to give us a try! You will enjoy the best jerky we have ever made while helping someone in need near you. 

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